Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Story of the Great Entertainer. (Politics, Romney, Obama, George Bush,Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington)

There once was  a great entertainer. He traveled far and wide. His act was one of grandeur and illusion. Spectators would come from miles around, just to see this man stand and speak. Many thought it real, and him larger than life. While other scoffed at his smugness and since of delight.

His history was simple, a infant during the great revolution. Then, as a teenager, he rebelled, as many do. When he matured he came across a television, and he began to cast his spell. He fought and fought, wanted more and more. People found him captivating and fun, though people hardly think at all. His act was deliberate, false, and brazen. Eventually the Great U.S.A turned into a raisin, and was eaten, along with the Great Entertainer. 

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