Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Obama killing people

The Obama administration's targeted killing of American citizen has come again into question. Congress sent the president a memo, which was never responded too, nor has it even been acknowledged. Congress is now taking more drastic measures to get to the legal grounds of Obama's actions. Here is a link to the article. I don't know why the Obama administration would do this, its horrible. I also don't know why they would keep the american people in the dark. It seems like a ridiculous position to take under the circumstances. Obama is clearly a war president, yet this image of him is hardly portrayed in the media. It is also notable that Obama has charged more American's with treason than any other president in our history. Maybe times are hard, or maybe the administration is. It's hard to know without answers.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Syria (Asad, Israel, Iran, Apello)

Syria o, Syria, how shit is hitting the fan in your country. If you don't know why there is fighting, here is why: a rebel group who says they are after the interest of the people are rising up, although many speculate that this rebel group is doing this just for the own benefits (not the peoples). First, there were some skirmishes in Damascus, which have since been crushed by Asad. Since then, Apello, Syria's most populous city, has come under siege. The rebels have taken a great portion of the city, and it looks as though the rebels the rebels will take it; however, there have been many speculations today that the Syrian government is looking to make an all out attack on the city. With jets flying over head, and the pro-government paper al-Watan reporting that the mother of all battles is about to be upon Apello. 

Now for the good stuff. Russia and China, Syria's allies, vetoed a U.N. Security Council initiative to intervene in the conflict(with sanctions), their reason, that under the U.N. code the sanctions were proposed under there could potentially be military involvement from outside countries. This makes perfect sense. The strange part is that both the United States and Britain got very upset by this, even though if sanctions were passed it would give the rebels more steam. Maybe the U.S supports the rebels? I thought this was impossible at first. Even Israel, who has technically been at war with Syria, does not want the Rebel's to take control, and we Americans love Israel. Even stranger, Iran doesn't want the rebels to gain control. Israel is concerned about the Syrian chemical weapon stockpile, and Iran about loosing one of their only Shia allies. Yet, the U.S. was very vocal about the sanctions, probably in hope it would calm the rebels, which doesn't really seem like a possibility. It's a confusing situation, where everyone has something to loose and gain, and no one has really any idea of what to do. A quote from the Congressional Research Center "A menu of imperfect choices confronts U.S. policymakers". It's going to be interesting to see how this turns out, and it was nice to see the U.S. seem to make an independent, non-economic, call for peace. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney, financial institutions, 2012 Presidency

Romney's main Super Pac Restore our Future has spent millions upon millions throughout his campaign(it has raised over 82m and spent over 53m). Let's take a look at some of its donors. Topping the list are Miriam and Sheldon Anderson spending 10m between the two. This is not to incredible, nor incriminating, seeing as Sheldon Anderson is consistently a huge republican backer. Next Bob Perry, who is quite the same as Mr.Anderson in his donations (originally he funded Rick Perry's pack). He gave 5m.  There are 11 other donors in the 1m dollar range. 6 of which hail from financial institutions: John Childs, John Paulson, Edward Conrad, Julian Robertson, Rooney Holdings, and John Kleinheinz.    To think Romney will help the average american with his good business sense is almost ridiculous. We have a financial system full of crooks. Over the last 4 years they have done the following: fucked our stock market, used bailout money for CEO bonuses, and have now recently been implicated in the LIBOR scandal. Vote Romney.

Note: Obama is really now better, as he received millions from them in 2008.

I was wrong?!

We not 1 day after I've started this blog, have I been shown up. In my first post I tare into fat people for being lazy and lacking proper physical fitness.Since then,  this article has shown me to be wrong. We are not lazy, we are simple slobs. Though this hasn't been widely verified, I always find overconsumption an interesting topic. We as American's consume a shit ton. We eat a lot, we drive a lot, and we take a lot. Do you not think it a slap in the face to the third world that we American's are forcibly stuffing ourself to death, while some Somalian parents choose to stand on there children to kill them. Why do they stand on them, you ask? It's because of famine. Parents know their children will die, but lack the strength, due to their lack of nourishment. See this horrifying story here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Story of the Great Entertainer. (Politics, Romney, Obama, George Bush,Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington)

There once was  a great entertainer. He traveled far and wide. His act was one of grandeur and illusion. Spectators would come from miles around, just to see this man stand and speak. Many thought it real, and him larger than life. While other scoffed at his smugness and since of delight.

His history was simple, a infant during the great revolution. Then, as a teenager, he rebelled, as many do. When he matured he came across a television, and he began to cast his spell. He fought and fought, wanted more and more. People found him captivating and fun, though people hardly think at all. His act was deliberate, false, and brazen. Eventually the Great U.S.A turned into a raisin, and was eaten, along with the Great Entertainer. 

A Day in July (Obesity Epidemic, Obesity Mortality Rates, Smoking, Quit Smoking, Opinion)

Fat people, fat people, fat people. Why are there so many gosh-darn fat people in america. They smell bad, look bad, and eat horribly. Get some exercise. Do something with your goddam life. I suppose over 30% of our population is content to do nothing more than eat another ham sandwich.  Here's an article by the bbc: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-18393391. To summarize: we used to need to store fat when we were running from lions and shit, since then we have made many advances in the ways of safety and food production, yet out bodies have not physiologically evolved to our new environment. There is also a rant about how crumby high fructose corn syrup is for you. What a riveting discovery! I need to run to use the calories I intake? What an awe-inspiring discovery! This article was published in 2012. I have known you needed to exercise since the day I was born. What do kids do now a days? Sit inside and watch T.V? Play video games? Go socialize, play basketball, walk around, go for a hike, jump some rope. It's sad the state of things that go unpunished. I smoke cigarettes, which are terrible for me   (I'm trying to quit, but you know how that goes), and I'm forced to smoke 800 miles away from anywhere I want to be. I'm also told all the time how terrible smoking is for me, and how nasty a habit it really is. Why not do the same for fat people? They are killing themselves at higher rates than smokers, at least they were in 2004( according to this article: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/6438.php), and Obesity has only grown as a epidemic since then, feel free to visit the CDC for a nicely color coordinated graph. I suggest we do the following .  1. I'm allowed to go up to a fat person anywhere, and just rip into them. Say "You look terrible, you know eating that much CRAP is really bad for you." "You should really slow down." "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF!?" I think these should be socially accepted norms. Also, if you are obese, we should pass laws stating you must eat X distance from certain establishments, or you must have walked/run/biked X miles to get here. Some may say that obesity differs from smoking in that it does not harm others. A fair-ish point, which makes my previous statement a bit ridiculous, but lets look a little closer. We all die, so smoking second hand smokes helps you towards that, while obesity just disgusts you for longer. In my opinion I'd rather die swiftly in a picturesque place, than have my death be a long drawn out one surrounded by ugly fat balls. It's like torture.

What most fat people eat? Click here to find out


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