Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney, financial institutions, 2012 Presidency

Romney's main Super Pac Restore our Future has spent millions upon millions throughout his campaign(it has raised over 82m and spent over 53m). Let's take a look at some of its donors. Topping the list are Miriam and Sheldon Anderson spending 10m between the two. This is not to incredible, nor incriminating, seeing as Sheldon Anderson is consistently a huge republican backer. Next Bob Perry, who is quite the same as Mr.Anderson in his donations (originally he funded Rick Perry's pack). He gave 5m.  There are 11 other donors in the 1m dollar range. 6 of which hail from financial institutions: John Childs, John Paulson, Edward Conrad, Julian Robertson, Rooney Holdings, and John Kleinheinz.    To think Romney will help the average american with his good business sense is almost ridiculous. We have a financial system full of crooks. Over the last 4 years they have done the following: fucked our stock market, used bailout money for CEO bonuses, and have now recently been implicated in the LIBOR scandal. Vote Romney.

Note: Obama is really now better, as he received millions from them in 2008.

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