Thursday, July 26, 2012

I was wrong?!

We not 1 day after I've started this blog, have I been shown up. In my first post I tare into fat people for being lazy and lacking proper physical fitness.Since then,  this article has shown me to be wrong. We are not lazy, we are simple slobs. Though this hasn't been widely verified, I always find overconsumption an interesting topic. We as American's consume a shit ton. We eat a lot, we drive a lot, and we take a lot. Do you not think it a slap in the face to the third world that we American's are forcibly stuffing ourself to death, while some Somalian parents choose to stand on there children to kill them. Why do they stand on them, you ask? It's because of famine. Parents know their children will die, but lack the strength, due to their lack of nourishment. See this horrifying story here.

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