Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Day in July (Obesity Epidemic, Obesity Mortality Rates, Smoking, Quit Smoking, Opinion)

Fat people, fat people, fat people. Why are there so many gosh-darn fat people in america. They smell bad, look bad, and eat horribly. Get some exercise. Do something with your goddam life. I suppose over 30% of our population is content to do nothing more than eat another ham sandwich.  Here's an article by the bbc: To summarize: we used to need to store fat when we were running from lions and shit, since then we have made many advances in the ways of safety and food production, yet out bodies have not physiologically evolved to our new environment. There is also a rant about how crumby high fructose corn syrup is for you. What a riveting discovery! I need to run to use the calories I intake? What an awe-inspiring discovery! This article was published in 2012. I have known you needed to exercise since the day I was born. What do kids do now a days? Sit inside and watch T.V? Play video games? Go socialize, play basketball, walk around, go for a hike, jump some rope. It's sad the state of things that go unpunished. I smoke cigarettes, which are terrible for me   (I'm trying to quit, but you know how that goes), and I'm forced to smoke 800 miles away from anywhere I want to be. I'm also told all the time how terrible smoking is for me, and how nasty a habit it really is. Why not do the same for fat people? They are killing themselves at higher rates than smokers, at least they were in 2004( according to this article:, and Obesity has only grown as a epidemic since then, feel free to visit the CDC for a nicely color coordinated graph. I suggest we do the following .  1. I'm allowed to go up to a fat person anywhere, and just rip into them. Say "You look terrible, you know eating that much CRAP is really bad for you." "You should really slow down." "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF!?" I think these should be socially accepted norms. Also, if you are obese, we should pass laws stating you must eat X distance from certain establishments, or you must have walked/run/biked X miles to get here. Some may say that obesity differs from smoking in that it does not harm others. A fair-ish point, which makes my previous statement a bit ridiculous, but lets look a little closer. We all die, so smoking second hand smokes helps you towards that, while obesity just disgusts you for longer. In my opinion I'd rather die swiftly in a picturesque place, than have my death be a long drawn out one surrounded by ugly fat balls. It's like torture.

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